Weekly Free Custody Clinics are held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Beale Library every Tuesday that the library is open.  Attorneys and paralegals attend these clinics to help with paperwork and advice.

Due to Covid, the library is currently closed.  To get help, send a text message to 661-587-8423.  We receive many messages, so please be patient.

The clinics are organized by Bakersfield Paralegal, a full service paralegal firm in Bakersfield, California

Our services include:

Family Law Pleadings

  • All first paper documents (Petition, Summons, etc.) for initial dissolution filings
  • Disclosures (Income and Expense Declaration, Schedule of Assets and Debts, etc.)
  • Order to Show Cause filings for specific contested issues
  • All discovery documents including motions
  • Arrears, spousal support, and child support
  • Judgment packets with stipulated attachment or Marital Settlement Agreement

Other Pleading Preparation

  • State Motions – Suppression, Discovery, Pitchess, 995, Murgia, Return of Property, Bail, etc.
  • Federal Motions – All Rule 12 Motions, Rule 33 Motion for New Trial, Rule 35 Sentence Corrections, etc.
  • Demurrer – Misjoinder, Failure to State, etc.
  • Criminal Writ Petitions – Prohibition, Mandamus, Habeas, Nobis, etc.
  • Appeals – Misdemeanor Superior Court Appeals, State Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit Appeals
  • Administrative Mandamus – DMV License Reinstatement
  • Other Post Conviction – Expungement, Certificate of Rehabilitation,  Clemency
  • Misc. – Eviction, Dissolution, and all other Judicial Council Forms

Inmate Services

  • Jail visits
  • Jail weddings
  • Trial clothes
  • Makeup to conceal tattoos or just to look better
  • Document delivery

Computer Services

  • Video, audio, and photograph conversion
  • Video, audio, and photograph enhancement
  • Facebook and other social media analysis
  • Expert testimony
  • Client data management systems
  • OCR conversion
  • Scanning
  • Other computer services


  • Witness interviews
  • Jail calls
  • Investigator notes
  • Dictation
  • Other transcription


  • Web pages
  • Seminars
  • Publications


  • If it relates to services for the pro per client or services for attorneys, we can probably help.  Just ask.  We work with multiple experts, attorneys, investigators, and other criminal defense specialists.

  Bakersfield Paralegal 1706 Chester Ave., 351 Bakersfield, CA 93301 (661)Justice (587-8423)